Our restoration plan

We will be restoring the Fort Ward bakery building to  its original, 1910 “look and feel,” correcting modifications made over the years when it was repurposed as a power station and then a private residence.

The restoration plan includes:

• Removal of non-original interior walls, ceiling and fixtures; removal of oil furnace, ducting and tank; demolition of enclosed porches on west and east sides of building (non-original structures)
• Restoration of original entranceway on west facade
• Reopening bricked-up windows, restoration of period-correct window units
• Replacement of other windows throughout building with more energy-efficient units• Lowering floor to original level, to be replaced by new hardwood flooring
• New interior wall to create office and storage in north wing
• New ADA-compliant restroom
• New kitchen
• New ductless heating system
• New interior lighting
• Paint all interior rooms
• ADA accessible entrance
• Appropriate fire exits and signage
• Parking on west side of the building
• Improved landscaping

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