Great Give extended through 11:59 p.m. TODAY


The great day of giving is back on – just a day late.

If you tried to contribute to the Fort Ward Community Hall campaign yesterday during the Kitsap Great Give, you will have noticed it turned out, well, not so great.


Technical problems plagued the KGG website all day, for which our friends at the Kitsap Community Foundation have apologized profusely even though the fault lay elsewhere.

After all the buildup to this much-anticipated philanthropic event, a system meltdown by the portal provider, an outfit called Kimbia, can’t have been much fun to live through. The outage affected other giving days nationwide, including the Seattle Foundation’s “Big Give.”

But the bugs finally got worked out last evening (it was not a breach, we’re told, just a hardware snafu), and Kol Medina and the KCF team have regrouped and shifted the Kitsap Great Give one day forward:

It’s now today, May 4, and runs through 11:59 p.m.

That means you can still make a tax-deductible contribution to the Fort Ward Community Hall — and indeed, many other great local causes — through the Great Give website,

Before you click that link, we would like to pause for a moment of reflection.

The Friends of Fort Ward board would like to thank all of you who have contributed to our project since we formalized our organization last summer. Big checks or small, whether you bought a Fort Ward fine art print or just a T-shirt or coffee mug, we are so grateful to you all.

Your support has far exceeded our hopes, and put the dream of a south-end community hall, in a beautifully restored heritage building, much closer to our reach. We try to always keep our Donors Page up to date, to acknowledge your generosity for all who visit our website.

Why dig just a little deeper today? Three reasons, all to do with the miracle of matching funds:

  • Thanks to the generosity of Bainbridge Island Rotary, every gift to the Fort Ward Community Hall will be matched dollar for dollar as we work toward their amazing $60K pledge match.
  • Donations made today will also be leveraged by up to 25 percent from the Kitsap Great Give underwriters.
  • And we can count new donations toward a hefty state matching grant that we’ll be applying for in mid-May. (Toward this last goal, we’re also glad to just accept signed pledge sheets, with no actual call-in until the end of this year. Pledge now, give later – email us to find out how.)

The Kitsap Great Give will be our last general fundraising appeal until October’s One Call For All drive (we promise), as we shift our focus to more finely targeted appeals, nursing our project through city permit review, and hopefully planning some actual work on our beloved little bakery building.

THANK YOU for getting us this far! And for your consideration on this second — and we suspect much greater — day of giving, across our island home.

Douglas, Candy, Stephanie, Ellie, Christina and Wesley

Friends of Fort Ward board

(and the FW Youth Board of Aila, Kate, Erik, Mark, Marina, Stella, Mallory and Rachel)