BHS students use Fort Ward bakery building as film set

The Fort Ward bakery building turns up as both a crime scene and a 1940s police station in “Scrambled,” a new 20-minute silent short by Bainbridge High School film students.  


Brent Johnson as Phillip Piledrive in the BHS-produced short film “Scrambled,” shot in part at the Fort Ward bakery building.

The time-traveling murder mystery follows hardboiled, noir-era detective Phillip Piledrive and his street-savvy, latter-day sidekick David as they track down a mysterious assassin known only as “The Egg.”

The short was produced by Fergus Pons, Finn Mander, Joe Cibula and Erik Appleberry for their BHS film studies class. Piano score including original compositions is by Zac Clark.

Appleberry, a Fort Ward Youth Advisory Committee member and soon-to-be BHS graduate, is among the players in the role of “the 1940s boss.”


Detective Phillip Piledrive at the scene of the crime.

Cibula is also a Fort Ward resident.

Local viewers will recognize the Fort Ward bakery building among many other familiar locations around the island. The film was shot over the winter.

Watch the BHS student-produced, edge-of-your-seat mystery “Scrambled” here.