FWCH welcomes gifts from Seattle Foundation, Kitsap Community Foundation

Our new donor drive is ongoing, with many first-time contributors stepping up to support the Fort Ward Community Hall project.

Amongst their ranks: the Seattle Foundation and the Kitsap Community Foundation.


We recently received a $1,000 check from the Seattle Foundation, from a donor-advised fund managed by the foundation on behalf of a longtime Fort Ward couple and neighbors of the historic bakery building.

One of the largest charitable organizations in the U.S., the Seattle Foundation each year awards grants to hundreds of nonprofit organizations “working to make meaningful and lasting change in our community.” More information on the foundation’s programs can be found at www.seattlefoundation.org.

Friends of Fort Ward has also received a very kind contribution from the Kitsap Community Foundation, on behalf of the Bainbridge-based Laugh Cry Dream Read LLC donor-advised fund.

The Kitsap Community Foundation “is committed to improving life and connecting people who care with causes that matter.” Their website is www.kitsapfoundation.org.

Friends of Fort Ward thanks both of these fine organizations, the Seattle Foundation and the Kitsap Community Foundation, for all their good work – encouraging giving, and administering these funds for the betterment of our community.

And thank you to the many donors who choose these and other local charitable foundations as vehicles for their philanthropy.

The Fort Ward Community Hall new donor drive is ongoing. To receive a pledge sheet or for a tour of the historic Fort Ward bakery building and presentation on this neighborhood-driven capital campaign, email fortwardhall@gmail.com.