Wilkes School students tour Fort Ward

Students from Wilkes Elementary School toured Fort Ward and the historic bakery building recently, to learn more about the island’s part in wartime history.

Alli Krug’s fourth graders began their tour at the Fort Ward Park boat launch, and hiked through the park and up the hillside into the Fort Ward neighborhood.

Along the way the students saw some of the district’s historic buildings, marched through the parade ground and finally had lunch at the bakery building. There, the students got a history lesson from the Fort Ward Youth Advisory Committee, who are spearheading an effort to restore the bakery building for use as a community hall.

The students also got a peek inside the former “Station S,” now a private residence, where top-secret code breaking went on during the war years.

Ms. Krug said she hopes regular tours of the Fort Ward district can be integrated into the Bainbridge schools curriculum, as another facet to the story of the wartime internment of Japanese Americans that began on the island.

“I can see students of all ages at the district benefiting,” she said. “This is a very compelling story that highlights something Bainbridge can be proud of during the same difficult war years. This story provides a good historical complement to the internment while also leveraging a topic that just never gets old – codebreaking. And the role of women in cryptanalysis is pretty compelling.”

Thanks to Alli Krug, her students and parent volunteers for visiting Fort Ward and finding out more about our historic district and the bakery building restoration project!



The troops salute on their hike up from Fort Ward Park.



Alli Krug (far right) briefs the students outside the bakery building during their visit, and introduces members of the Fort Ward Youth Advisory Committee.



Aila gives the students a Fort Ward history lesson during lunch.